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Nissan Japan Clear Corner Lamps: (ZZZZ)
    Purely just for looks. However, I really like the way they look. Gives the front lights a nice clean appearance when they are all the same color. Purchased these from Courtesy Nissan back when they were just $80ish per pair. The price has since been raised to about $120 a pair I believe.

Phillips HID Retrofit Kit: (ZZZZZ)
    WOW! That's my one word description for these lights. While they are extremely extremely expensive ($600ish), they are well worth it. These are the lights similar to what you find on Porsches, Mercedes, BMWs, Lexus, etc... This High Intensity Discharge lamp retrofit kit, from Phoenix Micro-Lite, light up the sky and much more. Many of you have probably forgotten one of the most important rules about driving at night, and that is to never overdrive your headlights. These lights enable you to see what is down the road. I didn't like the stock lamps in the Z because I felt that they didn't provide enough lighting at night, this HID kit cures that problem.

PIAA 1400X Auxilary Lights: (Z)
    Definitely would not do again. Not only does it take away the clean look the front of the Z has, the lighting that it puts out is not useful at all. These lights are now used as daylight driving lights (along with the lowbeams) or when I'm driving through bad lighting and would like fog lights to fill in the void while I'm using my high beams. I truly do not believe that these lights were worth $190. NOTE: I have removed these and sold them.

PIAA H3 Super White Fog Light Bulbs: (ZZZZZ)
    Install these on the car and remove the glare guards instead of using separate auxillary lighting. This is the step I would use if I had to do over again. These lights (I use 50w bulbs for fear of melting the housing) made an incredible difference. Much more than even the Super White low beams. I highly recommend these over any other company's "super white" bulbs as well. While you will save money in the short run, these bulbs actually seem to last much longer than any other bulbs. Plus, these are actually DOT legal. Excellent for about $40 a set from many speedshops.

PIAA Super White Low Beam Bulbs: (ZZZ)
    I put these in mainly because the previous super white bulbs I had in the car looked excellent; however, put out very poor unusable lighting. These are significantly brighter and much more usable. I was also told that these bulbs will last for years without having a problem and again, these are DOT legal. A fair trade off if this is true and I won't have to replace bulbs again. Paid $60 for a set of these. They even include a sticker for you to put in your engine bay in case you have any problems passing your local inspection. I do have to warn you that these lights are not for use in bikes. The shop told me that these bulbs will burn out very quickly due to the fluctuation in electricity that bikes are prone to. The improvement from these lights was fairly significant, but not as great as the increase from the H3 Super White bulbs. I think this is due to the fact that the projection low beams just don't spread the light out far enough.