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AP/Stillen 6 Pot Big Brake System: (ZZZZZ)
    Highly highly recommended! These things will make you stop before a dime to pick it up (you'll need it to pay for them though)! No fade and operate well even on the first stop of the day. The biggest plus is the braking power that these offer. Stillen claims they will pull a Z down from 60 MPH to 0 in 108 feet and I believe them fully! 90 MPH to 65 MPH is also excellent. Highly recommended if you have an upgraded twinturbo, like to do high speed runs, or you race.

Brembo Cross Drilled Front Rotors: (ZZZZ)
    I had these on my non-turbo car and I have these on my current twinturbo. Be very careful if you have a 1990 N/A though, as many shops know that the rotors are slightly thinner, but yet will still send you the thicker 1991+ rotors. I really enjoyed these and truly believe that these along with the rest of my upgrades have saved me...a few times. To me, they made a bit of a difference in the braking of the car. They are useful when the car needs to come down from high speeds. I have yet to suffer from any cracking in either pairs of cross drilleds I have had. I do recommend the cadmium plating but keep in mind that this is mainly just for looks. The cadmium plating keeps the rotors from rusting after the rotors have gotten wet. I should warn you that you will have to be prepared to change brake pads at a quicker interval. The holes that offer the cleaning action and less resistance of air pushing back against the pads also result in faster wearing of the pads. These can be purchased from many different suppliers including Stillen and SGP Racing

KVR Brake Pads: (ZZZZ)
    These are the current brake pads that are on my twinturbo. I obtained these at the same time I purchased the Brembo cross drilled rotors. While these offer good braking power, these don't feel as good as the metal matrix I had in the non-turbo with the cross drilled setup.

Stillen Metal Matrix Brake Pads: (ZZZZZ)
    I highly recommend these or any of the other varieties. These are available through Stillen or SGP Racing under the Metal Masters or Metal Matrix names. They are all the same thing from what I've been told. While the higher metal content results in a bit of squeal, the stopping power is excellent.

Stillen Stainless Steel Brake Lines: (ZZZ)
    While these make the pedal pressure a bit stiffer, these are probably not necessary. I like them since the few exotic cars that I have driven have had extremely stiff pedal pressures. By this, I mean that when you step on the brake pedal, you feel almost as if you were stepping on solid ground. These along with upgraded brake fluid will result in similar brake feel. They are available from Stillen and SGP for around $150.